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Three Queens and a group of cancer patients

NEWS YAHOO COM: Britain's Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, talks to cancer patient Ingar Roggen during her visit to the Grete Waitz training project "Pusterommet" for cancer patients at Ullevaal Hospital, along with Norway's Queen Sonja (R) in Oslo March 22, 2012. Photos By SCANPIX NORWAY/REUTERS

On behalf of the group of cancer patients Ingar Roggen tells Her Royal Highness Camilla that when one has been through a cure that drains ones forces, the challenge is to return to everday life, and that the program of the Grete Waitz center contributes in a unique way to the recovery and healing of the patient.

Appealing to an ancient custom Ingar Roggen then asks a favor of Her Royal Highness: Spread the word of the importance of this project, which also is due to a Queen, the Queen of Marathon, Grete Waitz. Then, in the background, the voice of Her Majesty Sonja is heard, promising that they will do so.

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